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Integrator Story - New Land Solutions

Luke Newland, owner of New Land Solutions, answers questions for Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine about how training in KNX building technology opened the door to a realm of exciting residential projects for his company.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago, we were a B2B infrastructure specialist, and a large percentage of our work was installing cabling and supporting containment materials. It was a steady and profitable business and we naturally became established as voice and data experts. This quickly led to bespoke connections and building automation projects.

What challenges were on the horizon?

Feeling like we had cabled half of the UK, building controls and automation were gaining appeal, so we started to install single room solutions. At this point, our preferred solution was built around retrofit wireless lighting. The system used US shape backboxes and needed a central control unit in close proximity. The design was very limiting and, within 10 months, we found ourselves in an awkward position after the manufacturer announced the end of the range.

What prompted you to make the move to building automation?

We were involved in a large project on a listed building that needed a solution to make use of the existing wiring. The design specification also included antique bronze push button switches. After researching and testing many products, we discovered and installed KNX. The project was a huge success and grew to over 400 lighting circuits. However, we were inexperienced with the vast product range at the time of design and were in desperate need of support. Ivory Egg came to the rescue. Their friendly services not only including training, but full support and KNX design services. 

Having received lots of recommendations from our completed installs, and with our confidence in the products running high, we continued to focus on KNX as our core offering.

Why did you train in KNX rather than other systems?

KNX has many benefits, making it very hard to recommend any other systems. A few of the positives include:

  • 25 years of consistency, meaning considerable peace of mind for clients
  • Unlimited options and styles to match any environment (KNX is compatible with other 400 different manufacturers)
  • Bus cable system, which can be installed next to the power cabling
  • Advanced heating and BMS controls
  • Completely transparent feedback from KNX devices, allowing for fast and logical fault finding

Eight years later, our installs continue to grow and we are taking further control of the buildings, including window treatments, energy monitors and replacing large trend platforms. Each emerging building technology trend expands our business, and KNX has been a great success story for us.

What advice would you give to other electrical contractors?

My first tip would be to get yourself and your key engineers trained. Ivory Egg provide a range of courses to suit different levels of knowledge and roles within your business. 

You should think about purchasing a small system to practice on. Also, don’t be scared of the programming tool. This aspect of early installs is easily outsourced to KNX partners until you are sufficiently knowledgeable and confident to take it on yourself. Finally, research all the KNX products – they have more than one use!

Published in the December 2019 issue of Professional Electrician & Installer 

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