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KNX Keypad Options

There are a wide range of styles and designs available within the KNX Ecosystem, from basic rockers to touch screen displays. They can control multiple rooms and integrate to audio, door communication systems and more. 

In most cases additional buttons or functions can easily be added and all KNX keypads can be freely configured to control heating, blinds, lighting, scenes and central functions. This guide features a range of keypads and switches from top manufacturers. Most come with an extensive range of finishes and configurations to choose from. 

Download our Keypad Guide

Below we’ve provided an overview of the keypads and frames available from each of our recommended manufacturers. To help you with your client or trade conversations, we’ve created a physical keypad guide for you to use with your customers. 

This guide details beautiful product photography, as well as technical information about the available finishes, backbox compatibility and other specification requirements.

Price ranges are indicated with a £ symbol. 

Click here to download the PDF or request a physical copy

The overview below is not exhaustive. Contact our knowledgeable sales team on to discuss your requirements and learn more about specific products.


Chopin | Fibonacci | Sentido | Deseo | Ellie | Lisa

Basalte keypads combine intelligence and beauty with exquisite design. 

Offering discreet keypads with integrated temperature regulation and control, to compact touchscreens that you can’t help looking at, Basalte keypads deliver all the functionality you could need in designs you’ll definitely want.



E2 | E3 | Espirit | Pushbutton Sensor 3 | Pushbutton Sensor 4 | G1 Room Controller

Gira have an impressive heritage with over 100 years in product design and continue to shape smart solutions for intelligent building control. Form and function marry together simply in every product. 

Choose between rockers, rotary dimmers, pushbuttons or touchscreens…or a combination of them all with a matching colourway. Whatever you’re controlling, there’s a Gira keypad that’s just perfect for the job.



F10 | F40 | F50 | A & AS Range | LS Range | Le Corbusier Les Colours | Smart Control Touchscreens

If there was just one word to describe the options from Jung it would be ‘choice’. From brass to more than 9 shades of blue and everything in between, Jung provide something for everyone.

If personalisation is your thing, Jung offer an inscription service, allowing you to label your switches with words or icons to really make them your own.



Cockpit | Select | Squares

Whether you want switches that blend in, or stand out, Lithoss have got it covered. The Select range has seen worldwide popularity, with its versatility of configuration being a major plus. Both the Select and Squares ranges offer flush installation options if required. 

For those that like a classic design, the Cockpit range features a choice of 2 distinctive toggle designs, giving this range a very cool and retro feel.




Functional simplicity sums up the iON range. Within the range there are two and four button keypad options, as well as a room controller with LC display, with helpful icons to assign for the chosen functions. All three keypads come in Black, White and Silver finishes.



Tecla 55 & XL | Flat 55, Flat 55 Display, Flat XL | Touchscreens Z35 / Z40 / Z70

If bespoke customisation is your clients thing, then Zennio offer a unique design tool to allow end users to provide their own artwork for it to be printed onto tempered glass. This option is available for all ranges except Flat 55 Display and the Touchscreens.

Zennio keypads are not only beautiful, they are full of intelligence too with a built in thermostat, a luminosity and proximity sensor, and built in temperature probe in specific ranges.

Zennio touchscreens are a popular choice, with slim and inobtrusive designs that can provide control for 6 functions, all the way to a full-colour LCD display with built in speakers.


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